Studies indicate, human capital is key to an organization’s success.

Organizations around the world grapple to deal with performance lows brought by employee’s drop in performance. Of the factors identified for these performance drops, lack of wellness has been identified as the leading causative factor.

Lethargic employees, unwell employees, absent employees – what every organization around the world would dread to begin its day with.Wellness is an optimal state of three elements; mind body and spirit. In this state, an individual is primed to give his or her best in every sphere of life. Be it at the work place, at home or at a social gathering.

The state of wellness in most individuals in today’s time is relatively short lived owing to a number of reasons: stress, pollution, incorrect diet, lack of physical activity, etc.


Feeling good or having a good wellness quotient is indicative of better performance at work.

·         Exercise has a positive influence on the feeling of employee’s wellness.

·         Exercise reduces lethargy, bad health and absenteeism in employees.  

·         Exercise increases energy levels, thereby improves performance at work and motivation of employees  

·         Healthy and positive employees provide a healthy and competitive environment at work thereby ensuring superior performance.  


·         Improvement in employee’s mental and physical capacity  

·         Improvement in the employee’s self esteem.

·         Increased physical activity and fitness resulting in happier state of mind for the employees.

·         Overall improvement in health, leading to a healthier employee both at work and at home.

·         Exercise induced positivity pervaded into other spheres of the employees life    


·         Cardiovascular training

·         Strength and circuit training

·         Weight training

·         Message and steam

·         Squash facilities  

·         Nutritional couselling (weight loss/gain)  

·         Group training (aerobics, spinning, kick boxing, power yoga & swimming)

·         Dancing classes: Salsa, Capoeira